Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Sarah Updates

I can't believe it has almost been 2 months. They have flown by. It felt like we were away more than we were home. The time that I was home I was sucked into The Hunger Games, which I loved. I got nothing else done though. Sarah and I were at my parents helping my mom most of the time. She had both of her knees replaced and in between surgeries she got a relocation call. They will be moving back to Michigan as soon as their house sells. So we started readying the house to show. It was a crazy few weeks, but we got it done pretty fast. My mom had some big bumps in her recovery but is now on the mend. The blessing in this is that my sister Jen and her family came from Idaho to help. It is sad that that was the last time we will all be together in that house, but it was a lot of fun and we made some good memories. Sarah followed the big cousins around all day wanting to be a part of everything they were doing.

Sarah has grown up so much! I can't believe all the new things she learns everyday. She talks like she has a definite opinion about everything (not that we can understand her). She has learned "hot," "meow" and "mama," but mostly she just mimics the inflection in our voice. Oh, and lets not forget the head shake which is a distinct "NO." She knows exactly what we ask for most of the time and will bring it to us. Unless, of course, she has her own agenda, in which case she comes just out of arms reach and runs away laughing. She laughs a lot, cracking up at the littlest thing, usually herself. She is learning to climb and has come off of the ground a few times when she tries to jumps. She loves anything with a beat that she can shake her hips to...I'm pretty sure that came from the Nelson side. She has a little curl in her hair that flips out around her ears. It is adorable. She has learned to pull accessories out of her hair, which I am convinced was taught to her by her father. She is already obsessed with shoes and her new game is to put everything she can into a cup or box that she carries around the house. She seems pretty pleased with herself when she shakes it. She is definitely a loving little girl.  It amazes me the compassion she has for others. She knows just when they need a hug and when she can tease them. She does not like anyone to be sad either. She will always offer a sympathy cry. The other day I sprayed Michael with water during her bath and she did not like that at all. She started crying and wanted us to be nice. She loves her dad. She attacks him as soon as she sees him  in the morning. It is almost like she just can't contain all the love inside. So now for some pictures...

Tell me this doesn't look like Michael.

The classic spaghetti picture.

I am not a fan of yard work, but Sarah had fun in the leaves.

Sarah loves books. Even if there are  no pictures.

She is just a cutie, what can I say.

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  1. Hey! Just found your blog through facebook. It's me, Steph, from high school. Well Physics to be exact. Anyway...your daughter is SO adorable and getting so big! Glad all is well with you and your family! I look forward to reading and seeing more! You can find my blog through clicking on this comment. :) Have a great day!

  2. Lindsey - your family is so cute!! I love seeing pictures of Sarah. She is growing so fast.

  3. So cute!!! Sure love you all :)

  4. Hey, I blog stalked you through Jen's blog...I can't believe how big Sarah is already! I haven't seen you guys in forever, I hope you are all doing well!