Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time Flies

I can't believe how fast time flies with kids. Sarah is growing way to fast. I had my first feeling of losing my baby for the first time the other day. Sarah was in the bathtub, where she has discovered that she can swim on her tummy and her hair was wet so it hung past her shoulders. She didn't look like my baby anymore. I love it though, each stage is so much fun. She has discovered my shoes and she loves putting them on. She can only walk with one at the moment, but she giggles the whole time. She has also decided that our phones and iPods are hers. She loves taking on the phone, unless grandparents are listening, and just jabbers away. She is trying so hard to talk to us, you can see it in her eyes. It is fun to try different pitches and listen to her mimic them. She learned what a bear says, but hers is not a mean bear. It is a sassy girly bear. I wish I had it on camera, but she has decided that if the camera is out she is not performing. She has a tender little heart and I have to be careful not to raise my voice in frustration. I made that mistake and it took me a few hours to calm her down. She does not like it when someone is mad at her, or if anyone is sad in general. She loves bugs, flowers and balloons, of course. She puts the balloons over the vent and dances with them. It is pretty cute.  She gets a kick out of watching Michael work out. Her laugh just takes all our stress away. Sarah is definitely a water baby. We go to Seven Peaks at least twice a week, and as soon as she sees where we are she can't stand how long I take to walk to the pool and put my bag down. I am really glad we got passes, it has been fun. As I said before, the camera stops all performing, so here are the few pictures I was able to get of her.
Dancing with the iPod.
This is what I usually get for the camera.
At Aunt Mary's Wedding. (Taken by Cousin Sarah)
Photo booth at the Reception.

Mother's day was nice. Sarah colored me my first card.She liked playing with it more than she wanted to give it to me, but it was still nice...and yes I saved it. 
I was trying to think of what else I could blog about, and it all pales in comparison to Sarah (she runs our lives now), so I will save you the boring details. 

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  1. She is so darling! It was great to see you at the wedding.